[Gerrards Cross—Tuesday, 5 July 1859]

Tuesday July 5th Returned to town at 10 minutes before 12. Found Mr & Mrs Hawthorne & Julian awaiting us we all had lunch together and a delightful talk; Hawthorne will stay here now until October in order to take out a copy right for his books.

Mrs Dallas and Mr Fladgate came in the afternoon. Mr Bennoch dined with us and we started at ½ past 8 for Mrs Crosland’s party. She lives in Greenwich 5 miles away and already fatigued my head swam-about when we arrived. We had a pleasant evening however the house was draped with flowers the supper was very handsome and I met Festus Bailey for the first time also Lady Barker and the Hon. Mrs Milner Gibson, Mr and Mrs Ward the Bensusans &c. &c. There was singing and talk, the latter was poor enough on my part for I was fairly ill.

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