[Richmond—Saturday, 9 July 1859]

We passed the night in Richmond most delightfully and breakfasted looking again over that unrivalled valley. Early we took a fly and drove past Pope’s Villa (such architecture) to Strawberry Hill and on again through the great chestnut trees of Bushy Park to Hampton Court. Here we passed several hours and yet have only walked through the rooms without being able to glance sometimes at the Titian’s, Giorgione’s, Holbein’s &c. which line the walls. The garden is wonderful and almost inexhaustible also. The great vine 91 years old is still in capital care. The grapes are all sent to the Queen. The most delightful thing about the “Court” to me was the idea that it was now held sacred to 45 families fatherless perhaps or otherwise dependent on the crown. We hastened back to London, took lunch, repacked and started for Cambridge. Took tea with the kind Macmillans. They are rare people refined simple intellectual and above all truly religious.

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