[Stratford-on-Avon—Tuesday, 2 August 1859]

Tuesday August 2d Drove very early to Charlecote. Walked through the fine old park and saw the deer feeding. Drove thence to Warwick. Saw St. Mary’s church and Beauchamp Chapel built in 1437. Splendid mausoleum in brass to the founder. There is a confessional here much more ancient. A most wonderful place, if one considers the beauty of the carving and its immense antiquity. At last, we came to Warwick Castle unsurpassed in its way. We longed for more time to see the Vandyke’s (the original of his Charles the 1st on horse-back is here) Murillo’s &c; the famous picture of Sir Philip Sydney is grievously insulted by the miserable engraving inserted in his life. Nature has lavished her extremest loveliness around and below the castle. I long for a good copy of the Warwick vase. Drove thence to Guy’s Cliff the seat of the Percy’s. Were not admitted but sat on the stones in front of the old stone mill and gazed at the exquisite beauty it is finer than anything of its kind in England, but why should I say finer, and compare. It is most lovely. Came to Leamington—found large airy rooms upon the garden—fountain playing—flowers in full bloom and letters awaiting us. Dined, wrote, and rested in the afternoon. Jamie walked out. A peaceful golden sunset.

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