[Oxford—Sunday, 7 August 1859]

Sunday—breakfasted at 10. Talked until 12. R. quite worships Victor Hugo, thinks Angelo one of his chef d’œuvres. Could not think why he always left him so sad. Left him at 12 to write and read at home.

Jamie had a long talk and walk with C.R. Went to the library with him where he took down the Autobiography of Erasmus in Latin and showed him a short description (only a line or two) of Erasmus’ father and mother with a few dates concerning them saying “there is all the foundation for my story” “A Good Fight.” Returning they met a friend who said he had seen him with a lady and hoped he would present her a lovely lily he held in his hand so he ran off to put it in water and Jamie came to me. Went to dine again at 5. Found him busily writing but with a cheerful affectionate smile he put his pen down to receive us. Ah! it seems such a lovely place, that college, in spite of its beauties I believe he must write that he may people a world after his own heart to live in. He seems truly beloved by those about him. Had a talk about “The Stormy Petrel” after dinner and he became excited over it. We left early, saying good-bye because we were to leave so early the next day.

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