[Giessbach—Saturday, 10 September 1859]

Saturday 10th Rested ourselves on the sunny slope reading and looking at the falls till the afternoon when we steamed gently down to Interlachen.

The low clouds were hanging before the Jungfrau veiling her completely. We seated ourselves patiently before her asking nothing but time to wait that we might gaze upon her charms. Towards sun-set the heavens were illuminated but still the clouds remained. As I was wondering at their beauty something glimmered on my sight in the high heavens. I cried out to Jamie “Can that be the Jungfrau?” Oh! No! he said then stopped for the veil was swept away and we both stood breathless with clasped hands before this manifestation, so terrible in its infinite beauty, of Deity. And so the night went down and the sun rose again (was it not a miracle) upon this world and that great sight.

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