[Geneva—Sunday, 25 September 1859]

Sunday 25th Exquisite day. Walked to church. After a little difficulty we found the small chapel which old Dr Malan built for himself years ago in his little garden. The utmost simplicity was shown throughout. The temple, the service, the music—all were true, lovely and simple in the extreme. It was a touching sight to us to see the old man with his small devoted congregation clinging about him to the last. Everything bore his stamp; even the hymns were composed and set to music by this poet of 72 winters. After church Miss Malan met us and carried us up into the little room near the church. A most lovely true christian woman. We long to know more of her. Mrs Ward and Miss McIntosh made us a delightful visit. Drove to the Little Saconnet [sic, for Saconnex] with Mr and Mrs Wales. The sunlight died away from Mt. Blanc as we stood gazing. Such ineffable beauty! (Mrs W. thought she was not satisfied with the pink tinge).

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