[Chamounix—Friday, 30 September 1859]

Friday 30th Left Chamounix soon after sun-rise by Diligence for Geneva. The waiter gave me roses from the garden which burn with the warm color of the South despite the Glacial air they breathe. Scenery to Sallanches superb. Mt Blanc is in view almost the whole distance. We walked part of the way. Took the Coupé at Sallanches. Reached Geneva at 4. It was an exciting change after the slow travel of many weeks by voiture to find yourself behind 5 fleet horses who raced almost the whole distance. We enjoyed it immensely and the way seemed short.

Met Miss Cushman & Miss Stebbins at Geneva. They had just arrived from Berne. We had quite a jubilant home-like talk. Hawthorne liked two little figures of Miss Stebbins a miner & farmer and said to her “This is a fast age Miss Stebbins people now-a-days are born with their clothes on, the Greeks were born without them.”

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