[Rome—Friday, 24 February 1860]

Friday 24th Breakfasted with Miss Cushman. She talked delightfully about old Rogers and told some of the best stories I had ever heard repeated from his lips. Her imitations of Luttrell and her repetition of the story about a hubbub in the theatre occasioned by a vulgar man’s saying something to exasperate the pit and their screaming out from below Throw him down! Throw him down! when a woman’s gentle tone was heard saying, No! don’t throw him down but kill him where he is, was something inimitable.

After breakfast went to Crawford’s studio. It seemed impossible he should be dead his works live to us so palpably and for the first dull moment perhaps more near to us than he. Visited the Castle of St. Angelo and watched the sun-set die away on the Pincian.

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