[Rome—Sunday, 25 March 1860]

Sunday 25th Lunched alone at Miss Cushman’s and had a nice cosy time. Went to the Catacombs with Dr Smith, Professor at the American Jesuit College. All the way to St. Calyxtus he overwhelmed us with talk and surprised us with his knowledge of American politics. He evidently hopes through politics to obtain a large field for proselytizing. There was a large party to descend with us and at once and before the first frescoes the Dr opened upon us a long Catholic lecture. After standing three quarters of an hour almost in one spot attentively listening to very unimportant talk we found it too damp to stay longer with safety so we made our adieux and left.

Miss Cushman, Emma, “and her boy” came to dine and after we had a reading of “Casa Guidi.” Sat till 12. It was superb.

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