[Venice—Thursday, 12 April 1860]

Thursday 12th Unmitigated, unrivalled sunshine. We were floating today 8 hours in our gondola. In the distance as we lay upon the lagoon we saw the mountains of Friuli and the Euganean hills sparkling and quivering up into the blue in their impalpable snowy beauty.

Such a day. We sat in the Doge’s palace and hung longingly over Venice in her graceful campanile while the sun of this new Spring arrayed all Venice in her ancient splendors.

[Venice—Thursday & Friday, 12 and 13 April 1860]

Thursday and Friday—two long days of witchery. I cannot tell what we did I only know we lived. I knew all this could be shut up or I should say opened out into these lives of ours but have found it only here.

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