[Rovigo—Monday, 9 April 1860]

Monday 9th Vettura again, very early for Padua. On and on through miles and miles of poplars. We are now in the Austrian territory. We crossed the Po yesterday afternoon and found the much despised Austrian white coats waiting for us on the opposite side. Came to Padua early but it was raining prodigiously. We went to the noble ancient hall with its indian roof a wonderful old place we found it and then to Giotto’s chapel. The frescoes here are singularly preserved many of them are quite distinct and clear but apart from the curious manner and true tender feeling of the whole I could not find them interesting. There is certainly no beauty left. From Padua we took the afternoon train to Venice and before night found ourselves afloat in a real gondola under the walls of a real palace. In the Palazzo Loredan we took up our abode.

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