[London—Monday, 14 May 1860]

Monday 14th Very rainy. Took a brougham and called on Maria Cummins to ask her to go out with me, disappointed in this I called for Mrs Mayse Reid took her out for a short time and then went to pay a few visits. Had such a pleasant little chat with Annie Thackeray. Went to hear Mason Jones oration on Macauley. It was strangely bombastic and presumptuous, yet the least in the world interesting to listen to in staid London because he seemed to excite the people; afterwards we all went to take supper with Mrs Dallas. We had a nice gay time. Dallas himself talks delightfully, of course politics are his chief interest just now and he knows the great men D’Israeli, Bulwer, Gladstone, Earl Derby &c. so well that no one can describe them better. Returned very late.

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