[London—Friday, 25 May 1860]

Friday 25th Mr and Mrs Jesse lunched with us and bade us good-bye. Mrs Crosland passed an hour during the afternoon here and at eight o’clk we dined at Sir John Harington’s. Thackeray and his daughter, Richmond the artist, the Russells, Mr Jones and ourselves were the only guests at dinner and a right merry time we had. Somebody was talking about our great American men of the time, of Washington, when Thackeray said “I dont like him much” who? said we all. “Either you choose Washington or Jackson!” Of course a shower of laughter fell upon such nonsense. After dinner Lady H. showed us her house. It is really very pretty. I shouldn’t object to spend a thousand dollars upon our little house when I dare say it would be quite as nice. There were a few friends invited to tea so the gentlemen joined us soon and dear Mr Richmond came and sat down by me and we had such a pleasant chat about Art and then about Severn. He is as interesting a person as I know with tender sympathies and gentle manners which win you to him at once. Jones sang Longfellow’s songs exquisitely, and Miss Browne sang Irish songs with remarkable expression. The Marchioness of Londonderry was presented to me and many other people of interest.

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