[Boston—Wednesday, 21 October 1863]

October 21. Telegram from W.D.T. who went to New York that possibly all will yet be well with regard to Theodore Parker’s life. It should be published in Boston.

Such a letter from Mr Kirke last night (the author of history of Charles the Bold) so graphic, of his trials with London publishers and so triumphant and grateful because of his unprecedented success. The letters given him by J.T.F. “did the business.”

Interesting letter today from England from Thornton Hunt of whom Shelley said when the boy was 4 years old. He liked him he was so capable of “grim impressions.” He has written a philosophical book which J.T.F. is favorably disposed towards. The thick skulled Londoners will not touch the volume. It is called Proserpina.

Have just finished a remarkable novel written by a Baltimore girl of eighteen. It is entitled Emily Chester. I should as soon thought of such a book coming from the moon as from a girl of eighteen years—and Baltimore.

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