[Boston—Sunday, 27 December 1863]

Sunday December 27. Lucy Larcom passed last Sunday [20 December 1863] here. She talks of going South to teach the Freed-people. Her coming to town about it is at my suggestion. On Monday [21 December 1863] we went to see Miss Hannah Stevenson who examines all applicants. I have not heard the result. Lucy seems the proper person to go. She is left almost alone in the world and possesses valuable ability and energy both of which will make her restless if she be not employed. She feels her poems will be better for earnest work. I am sure it will not hurt them or her to do such work if her strength holds out. We went together also to see a most interesting collection of pictures at the Athenæum exhibited for the benefit of the Sanitary and sent from the houses of wealthy citizens. Here were fine specimens of Murillo, Stanfield, Doughty, Quentin Matsys, Angelica Kauffman, Copley &c. beside an original portrait of Sir Walter Scott for which he sat painted by C.R. Leslie owned by Prof. Ticknor.

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