[Boston—Friday, 14 August 1863]

August 14. Macmillan’s magazine has arrived with one half page by Carlyle upon American affairs. A silly squib which he belittles the American Iliad. Mr Bartol wishes Mr Emerson to condemn his friend publicly and has just written to ask him to do something of the kind. Mr F. has written an epigram also which will travel, I dare say, through the country. I wish England could be stabbed by something pointed which would prove a foil to such nonsense.

Mr Hudson the Shakespeare lecturer, a rough man, has lately revisited this part of the country. He went to Southboro’ where he found himself in the company of the beautiful Mrs Jones. While talking busily after dinner he lifted his eyes suddenly & said “Look here Mrs Jones what business have you looking so pretty!” and then went on with his rough talk.

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