[Boston—Tuesday, 1 September 1863]

September 1. A cold storm shut in the horizon at Pigeon Cove but Mr F. arrived at night saying he had passed an afternoon of exquisite pleasure. Mr Longfellow, Mr J.S. Dwight, Mr Paine (the organist) and himself went to hear Walcker touch the new organ for the first time since its erection here. The tones rose and swelled bearing them into the fine region they love best until the day ran into melody. They were very happy. Afterward L., D. & J.T.F dined together and talked over their enjoyment.

Emerson has been in town preparing a few verses for publication. Mr F. christened the lines “Voluntaries” which pleased R.W.E. much. He brought the unfinished sketch to town, took a room at the Parker House, as is his wont, (J.T.F. says) drew a fine table into the centre of the apartment still in disorder (a former occupant having slept there the previous night) and there he read to Mr F. the scattered lines he proposed to give to the press. They were written on separate slips of paper which were flying loosely about the room and under the bed.


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