[Boston—Thursday, 25 February 1864]

Thursday. Reviewing the prose work of John Milton. The volume of extracts about to be published contain all that is useful or interesting to the general reader it seems to me.

Quiet hours have come today because of a severe attack of Influenza—the maids have it too—which makes the household wheels creak a little. Mrs Osgood and Miss Usher passed last evening here with the family—Miss Usher sang Scotch and English ballads exquisitely—her tender face lighting up as she did so with a pure sweet expression. One of the printing offices is in revolt which complicate “Atlantic” responsibilities for J.T.F. And the disappointed authors! they some times seem to hedge him in and to his fancy shake their threatening heads.

Home is beautiful and serene. He has been here twice during the day. The weather is clear and moderate—there is still some ice in the river.

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