[Providence—Saturday, 22 February 1868]

Saturday. We have heard Marigold! To be sure the audience was sadly stupid and unresponsive but we were penetrated by it. By far the subtlest of the readings it requires more of the listener than any other and from beginning to the end is worthy of deep study. What a night we had in Providence!

Our beds were comfortable enough for which we were duly thankful but none of the party slept I believe except Mr. Dolby and his rest was inevitably cut short in the morning by business. I believe I lay awake from pure pleasure after such a treat. Hearing Marigold and having supper afterward with the dear great man. We played a game at cards which was most curious—a pure effort of memory. Mr. Dickens was gentle, kind and affectionate—indeed something more—so much more that I have forgotten to be afraid of him.

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