[New York City—Tuesday, 27 April 1869]

Tuesday. A day of perfect sunshine in New York. Mabel & I strolled about B[road]way in the morning. Saw the academy which had 3 or 4 fine pictures and several rooms full of poor ones, drove in the Park in the afternoon a marvel of summer time and all loveliness of nature and of art and wound up by a visit to Booth’s grand new theatre in the evening. How gay and beautiful it was passes all my power of description as I am—that is to say, flat on my back in the steamer Russia. One thing is quite sure however, as long as eyes make pictures when they are shut, there will be a vision of Iago before me as he rapped at the door of our box that night and stood talking unobserved in an angle of the door.

There is something eminently sensitive as well as handsome about Booth wh. gives him a genuine power of attraction.

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