[London—Sunday, 18 July 1869]

Sunday. Went to hear Stopford Brooke preach—on prayer. A brave wonderful discourse, such as can be produced only by the working of the spirit in a man. Clearly it was not of himself.

In the afternoon went to Clewer to see the Protestant nunnery there and the ladies from Boston. I believe in this thoroughly for some women and I am sure these particular women are doing a grand work and are very happy. The wrinkles are all smoothed out of their faces; such as worldly women wear.

We had a great laugh about return tickets, which J. must needs buy for us thinking for once we must use them; but as if the fates had determined we never should use return tickets, the station burned up while we were there.

A hot hot night! Jamie called on Mr. Brooke and found him ill.

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