[Lucerne—Saturday, 14 August 1869]

Saturday. Walked to the Pension Sonnenberg, up hill an hour to see the Dresels, found her ill in bed and rather home sick. Glad enough to see me. What a change from her two pleasant homes in America to this boarding house up stairs on the top of a mountain.

Young Mr. Middlemore is here from England. He has been up Monte Rosa and has passed several weeks in the Maderaner Thal. He is full of the spirit of Switzerland and enjoys his life here much. I was not tired of hearing him talk of it.

We are often reminded of our hotel in Interlacken, Hotel des Alpes, because it was so well kept. The young German at the head of the establishment we always called “The Count that deaded his brother.” He had the grand air and yet a kind of care-worn expression with him that made us give him the title of Count and our guide to Lauterbrunnen supplied us with the other half of the name giving us the euphonious word deaded as translation for murdered on the stone put up near Umspünnen.

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