[Boston—Tuesday, 18 January 1870]

Tuesday Jany 18. Attended yesterday a meeting of what is called the Radical Club.

Mr. Channing spoke. Mr. Higginson, Wendell Phillips, Mrs Howe, Mrs Lucy Stone, Mr. Bartol, Wasson, J.F. Clarke, Edna Cheney. Mr. Whittier was present and a room full of “come-outers.” Mr. Channing & Mr. Phillips were reverent though I think Mr. Phillips more definite & perhaps consequently more conservative in what he said. Certainly Mr. Phillips speech was highly satisfactory. On the whole there was much vague talk and restless expression of self without any high end being furthered. I thought much of Mr. Higginson’s talk and Mr. Wasson’s irreverent as well as untrue. Perhaps I am wrong in saying no good end is attained by such a meeting. Perhaps a clear understanding of what we do believe is the result. But there is much unpleasant in the unnatural and excited vein of the inside ring.

Letter from dear C.D. rather sad.

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