[Boston—Tuesday, 1 November 1870]

Tuesday November 1st 1870. We begin this month with different feelings from any I could have anticipated by the wildest stretch of imagination. J. is no longer to bear the weight of this great business house on his shoulders. That is all behind him and he is to occupy himself altogether with literature. He seems a different man already—from last year. And I am too happy to be able even to think it over yet.

Consulting this diary yesterday for notes of Hawthorne wh. I found very scanty. I made up my mind to write less than ever of personal matters and only turn reporter. The trouble is when I have the great men and women inside my doors whom I should best love to make record, I am often too much occupied with household affairs to have even my ordinary insight into things said and done. Still the poor little diary with all its imperfections has answered many a good turn.

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