[Manchester—Monday, 25 July 1870]

Monday July 24 [sic]. Jamie went most unwillingly to town for the day is hot. I started at half past 7 to walk and found the sun even then very powerful. A runaway horse was careening over the fields which made all walkers scatter in a promiscuous way not at all reassuring or cooling, but I soon found a way to a hedge and after a little heat to a delicious nook under a nut tree near the sea where I stayed until noon. What can be more delicious than the fullness of summer—no end—everything seems to say—enough for all—no end, forever--

This afternoon, everybody having gone to dine I am alone. The day is dying gently down in perfect silence even in the village except for some children playing near, and a very distant flute.

Poor Jamie has been all day in town, alas! I hope he means to compensate himself tomorrow by staying down all day.

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