[Boston—Sunday, 5 November 1871]

Sunday. Nov. 5. At last I hope my household is settled for the winter—a quiet seems to have fallen and as I have many other interests asking for time I am naturally glad. This week we had a supper-party Thursday evening. Mr. Daniel Dougherty of Pa. & Col. Forney of Washington, Dr. Holmes, Mr. Hillard, Mr Whipple, J. & myself. The same evening Mr. Coquerel spoke in French and I went with Mrs. Putnam to hear him.

Friday noon J.E. Murdoch came to lunch & went with me to the Industrial School where he read delightfully to the women. Saturday morning Dr. Laurlur came to breakfast where we talked French literature and language until nearly eleven.

Jamie lectured last Monday evening—afterward went to a dinner given by Arthur Cheney at the Parker House. Tuesday he passed at home. I went to New Englands W.C. Rooms to hear Coquerel. Women with effort and determination written all over them made up the company. Mrs Howe flatteringly addressed and introduced the speaker.

Dr. Holmes said many witty and beautiful things at our supper. Go to Tafts by all means he said (an eating house where the strangers had been invited) the host himself is worth seeing. He is the one good uncooked thing at his table. He inquired after some Pa. gentlemen who were kind to him and when at the mention of these particular names our friends smiled and alluded to the forth putting talk of the pair referred to, Yes, yes said the dear little Professor, “I did go to Philadelphia with one remark but I brought it back unspoken. It struck in.”

He flushed and commented delightfully—unfortunately I can recall little.

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