[Boston—Saturday, 9 December 1871]

Saturday Mr. Longfellow came in town and went with us to hear 1200 school children sing a welcome to the Grand-Duke in our beautiful music-hall. It was a fine sight and Dr. Holmes’s hymn written for the occasion was noble and fitting. Just before the Grand-Duke came in, I saw a smile creep over the face of Longfellow “I never can get over the ludicrousness of it. All this array, and fuss over a man!” He was in fine spirits at first but we were placed in a draft of air between two doors and the terror of catching cold frightened away nearly all pleasure in the music. He returned with us afterward where he sat down by a good fire and enjoyed a cup of tea while we took dinner. We found Lucy Larcom waiting for us here and she remained to pass the night and stay over Sunday.

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