[Boston—Saturday, 29 April 1871]

29. Worked in garden. Visits from Mrs Bartol who brought me a noble red cactus which grew in her own chamber. Mrs James Lodge full of interest in life outside of herself; she is not the less interesting to me that she finds much of her own lot rather a dust-heap. The form of art most congenial to her is acting. There is a sad report which she brings to me that Fechter drinks intemperately! I cannot believe it yet.

Miss Kate Field came in. She is persuaded that the “North End Mission” is the one charity for us to pursue. So she has delivered a lecture in aid thereof this week. She is looking worn and is getting sleepless, which is bad for her. She has some talent, but her admiration for Kate Field interferes therewith.

Lissie Bartol & Lissie Greene came in towards night to see the mask of my dead Keats. They are enthousiasts for art, working all day and doing much that proves their love and little that shows knowledge yet. Hunt is good to them and helps all he can.

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