[Boston—Tuesday & Wednesday, 16 & 17 May 1871]

Tuesday. Wednesday we dined at Mr. Longfellow’s. The day was Spring like and the air full of the odors of fresh blossoms. Longfellow talked a little of the “Jesuitical preface” Rossetti has written to a new edition of his poems. He was the soul of sweetness and hospitality. As we came down over the beautiful old staircase to greet him, he was standing with a party of gentlemen by the opened front door. He said as if half to himself as we descended “Ah now we shall see the ladies come down stairs.” He has keen observation—which nothing escapes and delicate as it is keen. I always find him housekeeper, nobody else in the house feels responsibility, nobody else thinks of the little things to be done. I dare say he is glad to take the care from his children!

Lissie Adams was with us.

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