[Boston—Saturday, 27 May 1871]

Saturday May 30. A long morning visit from Grace Greenwood. A sad overworked woman. Her illness takes the form of paralysis of the will—I observe that to be a common expression which the worse of illness can take. Brain trouble usually evinces itself in this way, (I believe, from observation.) in the earliest stages of real trouble from overwork.

She talked much of Dickens, said her first break-down dated from the shock of his death—also of Hawthorne—who talked of himself as much with her probably as with any one outside of his family.

Friday last J.T.F. & J.F. Clarke went with me to North St and read and spoke to the women. Lunched Sat. with Mrs Rockwell & Mrs Godkin, queer antique Miss Ashburner etc.

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