[Boston—Saturday, 10 June 1871]

Saturday came to Nahant to pass Sunday with Louisa & Mr. Beale. Jamie was hunted out at once on the boat and with his usual readiness to amuse others created such merriment in the retired corner I had chosen that the circle grew as we came on towards Nahant.

The boat was filled with fashionable Boston people whom I knew by sight but not to speak to. They seemed friendly enough with each other in a kind of half shy half critical fashion, but I could not help reflecting what an existence this would be for the summer time. Well enough for Longfellow who does not go out but for those who go and come, when we compare it with the earlier sweetness of the uninvaded country, I can only say I cannot conceive of blindly choosing such an existence.

This book is an absurd travesty of a journal but------Perhaps the next one may be a picture of better things.

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