[Manchester—Thursday, 20 July 1871]

Thursday July 20. A deliberate rain. The drops stand on the leaves of the tulip-tree and the air is full of brooding stillness. The wells are low and water is needed so we are all glad to hear the pattering feet of the rain.

We had a merry evening. Jamie gave the song of the “Ten Little Niggers”, read Lear’s nonsense, gave Bishop Eastburn’s sermon upon Jonah, divided into 3 heads, 1st Jonah, 2d Ninevah, 3d the whale until we were drunk with laughter. Then Miss Charlotte Johnston, daughter of the late caricaturist and actor, herself artist and actress, recited very prettily two little Scotch dramatic poems. Lizzie Bartol said she felt as if she had been at the theatre. Jamie saw Longfellow at Nahant. He was surrounded by a family of young girls, friends of his daughters—a gay little party.

Mr. George Bartol, clergyman in Lancaster, and his family who have been for a few days, at the gambrel-roofed cottage opposite, leave this morning. He is a true simpler native than his brother with less worldly ambition. Cyrus is variously contrived!! Heaven keep me from being his judge. I only perceive that he is not what the world takes him for precisely. He has a keen intellect, ready in speech, is affectionate, true, devotedly true—loving and true. God bless him.

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