[Boston—Tuesday, 4 July 1871]

July 4. Took the boat for Nahant and passed the day with Louisa. Boat was crammed with excursionists although the day was a dreary drizzle of rain. We were entertained quite as well as if we had been at the theatre by the talk of a party of shop-girls and clerks going down for “a good time”. There was one smart tiny little creature in a linen dress, water-proof and worn country hat, reminding us of Minnie Pratt, in vulgar, full of sprightliness and sweetness. She was fond of “Charlie” but unfortunately we thought “Charlie” liked “Annie” best (who was not half as well worth the liking) so we took sides with the tiny party and followed up the little drama with great interest. Suddenly the boat stopped and it all dissolved like a dream.

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