[Manchester—Saturday, 2 September 1871]

Saturday Sep. 2d 1871. A whole week has slid away and no word written here. Nelly and Imogen have just gone. We have had a week of excursions to pleasant places for them. Sunday morning in Essex woods, to the Dana woods in the afternoon where the poor little mamma had a sick-headache and threw herself upon the ground too faint to go a step further—but Nelly was in an enchanted land and played till she was ready to fall asleep upon the sands.

Monday. To see Dr. Bartols place—rested in the afternoon & drove. Tuesday—Rain, rain, rain! Wednesday still “stürmisch” but we passed the morning on the beach. Thursday. Went sailing in the morning, length of Beverly Shore—afternoon J took them to call at Mr Townes & Mr. Dana’s.

Friday. Drove 15 miles in the morning—passed the afternoon and evening at Mrs Towne’s. Saturday. J. & I took a walk in the A.M. and our little guests left at two o clo’k.

Mrs Wistar, Miss Irwin, and Mrs Homans, Mrs Towne’s guests, left for Boston also in the same train. Somehow tonight we feel somewhat peaceful, a good week’s job being over—our little guests enjoyed themselves well I am sure & went home looking brown & well.

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