[Manchester—Monday, 4 September 1871]

Monday. We expected Charlotte Cushman & her friends from Swampscott to pass the day but after making every preparation for them, Jamie buying delicious grapes before breakfast, sending for Miss North and other arrangements, we received a telegram saying Miss Stebbins who was to come with them was far too ill to move nor did they dare to leave her. So we went to Swampscott to see them where we found a warm reception and save for the sadness of Emma’s illness found them all gay and full of spirit. Charlotte is to act soon and is getting herself in ‘tune’ &c to do. Surely a wonderful woman! with a cancer at her breast, she is preparing again for a season on the stage in order to make money enough to build a house planned by Richard Hunt in Newport. We comforted our sick friend as well as we could, urging her to come to us in Boston and let me care for her during Charlotte’s engagement, the latter being really too occupied even now to have such a care upon her shoulders.

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