[Boston—Friday, 9 October 1874]

Friday October 9. The busy season of the year is again opening. Mr Fields will have lectured three times this week—twice to very large audiences. The weather is still glowing and beautiful. Seldom cold but with lovely mists and cloud.

Mrs Thaxter came one day to lunch. The winter is close upon her and again must she face its horrors in her solitude at the Islands. She is painting! And the joy she has in color will be a happiness to her during the grey wintery days which last so long. Louisa’s two children and nurse are also here. Two beautiful boys who are the delight of our hearts. Miss Burnap and Miss Sparks passed Wednesday night with us and last evening Miss Hallock, a lovely illustrator, was here, also 2 Misses Hale, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Mrs Diaz. This morning early mother dropped in & Mr. Dresel, who asked me to go into his house to give opinion on a matter of taste. All very pleasant and hardly worth setting down, save as one keeps an account book to know where one’s money goes. Time so much more valuable than money should not run away without recall.

Jamie dined with Longfellow last Saturday when Cranch sang once more the songs of his youth and Lowell’s talk proved learned and good as ever.

I am about to study, with others if possible, because of my interruptions otherwise, French and German, and I shall read phylosophy [sic] with Mrs Diaz. So much for winter plans.

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