[Boston—Wednesday, 10 June 1874]

Wednesday 10th Went to the Athenaeum to see Mr. Sumner’s pictures and engravings bequeathed to the art Museum. The engravings are exceptionally valuable and interesting. I would give much to own a portrait of Fénélon. I shall never forget its beauty & power.

Made Mrs Putnam a visit and found her as I ever find her, warm with the spirit of love. She told me of many sorrows which had besieged her spirit this winter; not because she is ever willing to show her pains to others or ask their sympathy but to explain any absence of body or mind she may have possibly evinced toward me. It really seems mysterious; what a world of love awaits that woman. Personal friendships in their keen purity have been transferred and seem to beckon her beyond. I was better for my visit to her as I always am.

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