[Boston—Wednesday, 17 June 1874]

Wednesday June 17 We have had warm muggy weather today, much more like August than like June. There is a rich thick midsummer growth of green and everything seems to say why do you stay in town.

Wednesday rained hard but excessively warm. Went to see a poor sick girl to persuade her to go to the Hospital. She was willing if her child was cared for—went to ask Mrs Gwynne to take the child. Went to N.E. Mission to see if I could make a place for the woman when she recovers—gave them work, etc. Reached home a little late—found dear J. dining early to go to Manchester. Aunt Harriet came directly after to tell me of mother’s illness at Conway—when I would go, &c—rested a bit. Sent some clothes to the sick woman whose mother said she would send her child to me the next morning—a few hours later she came to say the child was stolen by the bad father! I pity the sick woman hardly more than a girl from the bottom of my heart. The grandmother is a weak talking woman. Dear me! How sad—my fatigue and this were almost too much.

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