[Manchester—Monday, 13 July 1874]

Monday morning. The fog bell still rings—a long solitary walk among wet roses.

When Jamie returned from the village I discovered he had seen Mrs Darrah and that by her behaviour he discovered she was mortally wounded by the failure of our attempts to get them a boarding-place at this house. So the rest of our day was spent chiefly in going twice to Mr. Towne’s and at last bringing them to believe we were not at fault. It is but a sad business however at the best. They are very loving and devoted friends but persons of narrow intelligence and this in spite of Sophie Darrah’s artistic power which is certainly true and beautifully widened & developed by her contact with Nature and her love for color, her humblest manifestations. She is a timid soul however and cannot comprehend men & women (Alas! who can?) In this case we felt she had done us a profound injustice.

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