[Manchester—Thursday, 16 July 1874]

Thursday P.M. This day began with fervid heat, but rain soon followed, no rapid shower, but a good long afternoon rain with occasional thunder & lightning. This is a strange season indeed.

Went yesterday to Beverly to see the Dresels—found him playing at the piano alone. Their house is rather small and hot I thought but in coolish weather it must be comfortable. It has lovely outlooks and I thought they were happy on the whole. Their boy Elly is a fine little fellow. If he lives he will make his mark as an artist, a writer probably. He is a student of nature. Dresel carried us to the top of his house where there is an extended view and there dear J. repeated to him "Home they brought her warrior dead” urging him to set it to music. He never heard it before and seemed seriously impressed. What a fortunate visit would ours be if anything to approach the sleeping song, in fitness & beauty, should be evoked to accompany this melodious & perfect Drama.

I am reading Goethe’s Autobiography with intense delight.

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