[Manchester—Monday, 10 August 1874]

Monday August 10th—Jamie has gone to town today, Poor boy! He had an attack of acute rheumatism yesterday which alarmed me it was so severe. He was still suffering this morning when he went to town but I thought change of air and occupation might do him good. He needs a little more society than he has here and I shall be glad when we have our own house for it is too bad to shut such a truly delightful companion away from his fellow men. But the lectures are still to be written and a certain retirement until these are completed is necessary. We have had ten long days of steady rain & two nights beside a shower almost every day—no wonder rheumatism will step in. The summer goes steadily on, these gracious beautiful summer days melt only too soon—but I see no one so can write no proper diary—yet I remember a pleasant dinner at Mr. C Curtis’s on Saturday where we met Mr. & Mrs Octavius Frothingham. He is a man of true vigor—it shines in his pale gray eyes which have a light of futurity merging out of them. Poor man! He does not know what to do with his vacation. He has no talent as the French say “pour s’amuser”. It is a loss—he would be stronger and wear better if he could once lose himself away from books in the green universe. He was ardent with plans for church work, coffee rooms, amusement or occupations for the unemployed & uneducated.

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