[Sterling—Saturday, 16 October 1875]

Saturday morning Sterling. Exquisite October day. Walked through the town, which is not large (about 5000) inhabitants, out into the vicinity where children were gathering hickory nuts. We rejoiced in the fine schoolhouse & comfortable houses and general look of prosperity. Potatoes are 25 cts a bushel here.

The hall was crowded last night and the people pressed about him to speak. One woman, the sister of Ralph Keeler, came 18 miles to talk of her brother & to hear the lecture. Strange enough too, there were two persons husband & wife in the audience who had known Sarah Mack of Duxbury. As Jamie walked out this morning a rough man driving a country wagon drove up by his side jumped from his seat, pulled off his buckskin glove & asked to be allowed to pay his humble tribute of gratitude for the lecture last night which he said had done him a world of good—and long after.

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