[Boston—Sunday, 31 October 1875]

At 10 A.M. Oct. 31st we reached our dear home. Everything was ready for us.

Many visits during the day.

Sunday, Boston Nov. 7 [sic, for 31 October]. Painesville was a strange place of only five thousand inhabitants—near the glorious Lake Erie but too far away for the people to enjoy the sight. We were received at the home of a bank president with the vaults and safe in and under the house. The place was full of kindliness, stove-heat and enthousiasm for “J” after his lecture. Think of 5000 people and one house costing $100,000, probably there were others which approximated in value—a church also cost $200,000. They have a fine large girls’ school on the plan followed in Holyoke Mass. but the salaries are much out of proportion to the magnificence of the buildings.

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