[Manchester—Thursday, 22 July 1875]

July 22. Mrs Winkley and her daughter arrived yesterday. Lovely people as the world can send. They sang all together in the evening. Mr. Clarke told admirable stories. In the afternoon went to Eagle head and saw Mrs Towne & her family. Ernest Longfellow and his wife called here, Mr. & Mrs Dalton, Miss Elmore and Miss Louisa Loring. Miss Elmore brought me a Japanese doll.

The morning was passed in the fields alone—one of the soft exquisite days with a restless breeze astir everywhere. Hay not yet carried.

Mr. Clarke’s tale for children of Mr. Atwater, Mr. Barnum and the elephant was wonderfully good—also of the bear learning to read, of the mosquitos that weighed a pound and went up on a tree and barked.

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