[Manchester—Saturday, 24 July 1875]

July 24. Yesterday a hard rain. Miss Phelps read us two more of her G.E. lectures, one in the morning and one in the evening. They are fine subtle pieces of analysis but she has no delivery. I think she cannot be understood from the desk.

I hear the wash of the sea on the sands and the voices of the birds as I write. My darling is much exercised about this place. He finds it impossible to write here, he says. He feels the care and responsibility much more than I wish he would. I fear we may never have another summer here and yet we may stay here for many years. We cannot decide yet but it is not a profitable thing for us to waste ourselves and our substance in receiving company all summer.

Dear J. goes to Boston today. Mrs Diaz went yesterday. Drove her to Beverly Farms to see L.L. who was away as usual.

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