[Manchester—Thursday, 12 August 1875]

Thursday August 12. Mrs Lodge passed yesterday here talking over plans for the poor in the winter to come. I sent to N.Y. for Miss Hill’s pamphlet as collected by Miss Schuyler, so we had a basis. Mr. James had much to say upon “following our genius”: his hatred for spiritual teachers, so called, flamed out. He said they were of the devil and he should like to put fire under their coat-tails.

We were alone in the evening and read Cowper’s Task. Unhappily we went out for an hour in the afternoon calling at our neighbors, Townes, Kings, Darrahs, whereby we lost a visit from Hunt and Tuckerman in their sketching wagon.

Today. Entirely alone. Exquisite weather and moonlight. Read Cowper in the evening. Felt almost ashamed at enjoying such a Paradise by ourselves.

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