[Manchester—Wednesday, 4 August 1875]

Wednesday August 4. Mist and heat & thunder. Lovely effects of sea and shore. Mrs Lang left us just after dinner. Mrs Lodge and Mrs Howe came to tea. Expected Mrs Bell & Mrs Pratt who did not appear, probably on account of the uncertain weather. Mrs Leonowens was very interesting. Every day she becomes more dear and delightful to us. Her varied information, her modesty and sweetness and especial refinement make her most attractive to women as well as men. She gave us a pretty story of her cockatoo who spoke several languages and who immediately, if she saw a Chinaman would shout to him in Chinese, or if a Malay in that language. He was a handsome creature. She sent him to England with Avis where he was sold at last, a very high price having been offered for him.

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