[Manchester—Friday, 6 August 1875]

Friday. Glorious day. Jamie in town. Mr. Bartol called & Mrs  L. told him the story from Ramayana of the king who had lost his wife and had no child. In deep sadness he ploughed his field when Suddenly the earth was fashi[o]ned into a beautiful woman—as he gazed upon her he lost his consciousness for a moment when he heard her say “look there” and in the furrow at that instant he saw an exquisite little hand stretched out to him. This was Ceta—the child of earth.

Bayard Taylor, his wife and daughter arrived. They came unexpectedly before dinner and a meal for 2 was expanded to one for five as decently as possible.

Mrs Leonowens and I drove to see Mrs Peter Lesley, Mrs Curtis & Mrs Burlingame.

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