[Manchester—Wednesday, 1 September 1875]

September 1st Wednesday. Imogen & Nelly left us. Met Mrs Hemenway at the Station, whose idea of having a children’s hymn at the Centennial she does not let slip. Drove the whole morning. Went to see the Goodwins’ beautiful home and called at the Bartols. The first is a real home which leaves an exquisite picture. Two sisters were at home—a lovely garden, gay with flowers was blooming under lofty pines and far below were waving tree-tops and beyond, the sea.

At the Bartols, we found the dear old lady alone, quite blue with cold on the windy piazza. Lizzy was away and everything expressed loneliness. There was nothing beautiful to the sight about the house. He does not care, for every day is spent from end to end away, with Nature—but for her, it is sad.

Kings called—also Henry Towne & his son & uncle.

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