[Boston—Sunday, 31 December 1876]

Dec. 31 [1876]. Sunday. Clear cold blustering day. Snow on the ground. Wonderful moonlight.

Bunsen says “Be not chilled by the coldness of those about you; the perseverance of love and patience together bring about great results”

Tonight dined here Longfellow and his daughter Alice, Ole Bull and his wife, Dr. and Mrs Holmes, Mrs Cochrane and her daughter Jessie. We were a happy table full. Ole played to us after dinner. I never saw Longfellow more determined to be cheerful and to bear his end of the talk, nor Ole more expressive and loveable, nor Dr. Holmes more sympathetic, nor ladies more appreciative. Anne Whitney came in to pass the evening and appeared at her very best. Altogether it was one of those rare health giving times for which everybody feels better always. Jamie was very happy, though his throat is in a very bad condition and my four weeks cold hangs on.

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